I was born with the desire to understand the nature of universe. When I was 17, I saw two ways to
find out: art and yoga. Yoga is simple. It causes possibillitys and it causes problems. These problems
always solve themselves and become insights. Art was the opposite way. It caused problems that
I couldn't solve. Art made things misty, unclear and confusing.

I finished three art academys. On my quest I became a painter, a sculptor and a photographer.
All of these proffesions where dead end roads on my quest. In a final attemp I changed my studio
for a backpack filled with some simple equipment; a pair of scissors, a hammer, wire, brushes and
a camera. Things I used as a child to create something. Appreciating and celebrating the child in
me gives me a feeling of beiing mature. The results of three years of travelling and playing around
with snow, paint, sticks, leaves and stones in different countrys are on this website.

Rob de Ron

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